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Organizational structure


In accordance with the organizational structure of the company, the work foreman and the building technician are responsible for construction projects. The building technician and security officer are in charge of controlling and managing the projects together with the finance function. Our projects are spread over the Faroe Islands with small offices in the workplaces, but our head office is in Tórshavn.
It is important that all employees are aware of the demands and requirements placed on them. With direct reference to the managing director, the foremen are responsible for the various projects and for ensuring that each employee has the competencies required to perform the work trusted to them. All areas of work are governed by clear procedures and economic governance is good. In all its years, Búsetur has maintained a healthy economy and is today a prosperous company. In the past, we have done construction work in Denmark and are willing to take on tasks outside of the Faroe Islands.

The Board is: Eyðun Olsen, Chairman, Sjúrður Holm, Durita Djurholm and Hallur Hansen. Shareholders are: Sjúrður Holm, Hallur Hansen, Búi Holm, Bárður Johannessen and Durita Djurholm (see below).